Rev. Joyce Mallory, Associate Minister and Intercessor

Joyce Mallory is a gifted woman of God who knows how to persevere, pray, and encourage others.  A longstanding member of the Historic St. Paul Church, she helped the church persevere through many challenges. When the church dwindled to two or three active members, Joyce Mallory persisted in keeping the doors of the church open.  She was more interested in being a member and growing in her walk with the Lord than in retaining a ministerial title.  Whatever needed to be done to keep St. Paul alive, she played a significant role.  Through it all, she grew in her prayer life and refused to give up on God "because He did not give up on me."  As the church gained stability, Joyce Mallory has become a critical component as an intercessory pray-er and exhorter.  Her exhortations during Sunday worship services, while brief, are filled with power, prophecy, and encouragement.  A humble disciple and servant of God, she once remarked, "I don't care about being 'Rev. Mallory' or 'Minister,' I just want to be whatever God wants me to be."