The Kenya Mission:  To Equip and Train for Service

        Since 2017, Apostle Bernie Dorsey has worked to support Kenyan Pastor Patrick Owuor's ministry  in Kenya.  Pastor Owuor's Church, The Apostolic Church Glorious Vision in Kisumu, Kenya, has provided critical spiritual and practical help to hundreds of Kenyans.  Despite the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, with help from Historic St. Paul Church in Washington, DC, Pastor Patrick's ministry and church have been effective in sustaining and encouraging countless numbers of impoverished people.

       While Apostle Dorsey had planned to travel to Kenya in 2020, the pandemic closed the door to on-the-ground international ministry.  Nevertheless, he began to teach weekly Bible study and training sessions via online video to a handful of Kenyan pastors and ministers.  From this weekly teaching emerged the current vision for Apostle Dorsey's ministry in Kenya:  to launch Transforming Spirit School of Ministry ("TSSM"), an international ministry school to equip and train pastors and ministers for effective service in their countries, regions, and communities.  The expected opening of TSSM is the end of 2022.

       In preparation for opening the ministry school, Apostle Dorsey will travel to Kenya in June 2022 as the guest-host and keynote preacher for "The Rock Conference and Crusade:  Building, Harvesting, and Releasing the Kingdom of God!"  On this teaching, preaching, and evangelistic mission to East Africa, Apostle Dorsey will be joined by co-laborers in Christ, Pastor Jed Robyn (Glasgow Farm Church/Founder of Pilgrim Way Ministries) [Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA] and Bishop Leonard Lacey (Bishop and Founding Pastor, United Faith Christian Ministry) [Stafford, Virginia, USA].  They will conduct a Five-Fold Ministry Conference to equip, teach, and train Kenyan and other African pastors, ministers, and others perceiving a call to ministry.   PLUS, Apostle Dorsey will be the keynote preacher for Gospel Campaign services each evening to draw people to Jesus Christ for salvation and the Holy Spirit, and to release the power of the Kingdom for deliverance and healing.  Pastor Robyn and Bishop Lacey's prophetic, intercessory, and other gifts will also be exercised at the campaign services as they pray for and minister to hundreds of people.  Apostle Dorsey has also invited Pastor Joel Isaac Kakembo of Gayaza, Uganda, to lead worship at the Conference and Campaign. Pastor Kakembo is the son of Bishop Joel Kakembo, overseer of the Mount Zion Churches of Uganda, and with whom Apostle Dorsey has conducted 11 prior preaching missions in Uganda.  This gospel campaign in Kenya will conclude with a baptism service where Apostle Dorsey, Pastor Robyn, and Bishop Lacey will baptize those who have come to salvation in Jesus Christ.

       Please help us meet the critical needs to conduct the programming envisioned for this quickly approaching mission.  When you make a fully tax-deductible donation TODAY, you will help us equip, train, and teach others so that they can be agents of transformative change in East Africa.

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Since 2017, Pastor Dorsey's prior pastorate at Transforming Spirit Church (and now St. Paul AUMP Church) has worked to support Pastor Patrick Owuor's ministry and church in Kenya.  Pastor Patrick visited TSC in 2017 and since that time, he has received financial and spiritual support from our pastor and members.  Pastor Patrick has labored during very difficult conditions caused by the pandemic.  Historic St. Paul Church now provides monetary support for Patrick's churches for thermometers, masks, and other items required for worship assembly in Kenya.  HSP also provides support to feed those in need of basic food and water.  (See below for approximate costs to feed Kenyans in need).

Approximate Cost Estimates

To Feed and Sustain Desperate People In Urgent Need

Please make a tax-deductible donation today to meet these critical needs!


$8 Per Day

$56 Per Week

$240 Per Month

Amounts Estimated for a Family of 5 People