Minister Isaac Joemah, Jr.

Isaac Joemah is a licensed minister gifted in teaching, preaching, and administration.  As a veteran of the entertainment industry, he traveled the country as a concert promoter drawing crowds to hear what the world had to say. Then, he answered the Lord’s call to ministry to teach and preach the Word of God, seeking to draw all people to Jesus Christ. A humble servant of the Lord, Minister Joemah seeks to serve God in whatever task he is assigned.  Whether teaching, preaching, reading the Scripture, praying, caring for the cleanliness and appearance of the church building, or supporting the Pastor, Minister Joemah performs every assignment with enthusiasm and gratitude.  His humble spirit and tireless work ethic make him a treasure to the Body of Christ.  He lives in Washington, DC and serves the Lord with his lovely wife (a real estate and commercial law attorney) and three amazing children.