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It's Time!

After two years of not being able to worship together in person, a few of the members of Historic St. Paul AUMP Church in Washington, DC, gathered together on Passover/Good Friday.  Pastor Bernie Dorsey preached this powerful message, teaching the parallels of Passover and Good Friday, and prophetically declaring "It's time!"  Pastor Bernie also provides application of this Word by utilizing the seven sayings of Jesus from the cross to encourage those in person and online as far as East Africa!

Can You See It?

In this message, Pastor Dorsey articulates what it means to have a Godly vision for your life.  He demonstrates from Scripture that a Godly vision or dream starts with a Word from God, often contains warnings related to fulfillment of the vision, involves an element of worldwide community, a willingness to obey the vision, and the working of the vision.  Can you see the Godly vision for your life?  If so, how will you respond?  Listen and learn as you enjoy this powerful word!

Vision To Victory

In this enlightening message, Apostle-Pastor Bernie Dorsey continues digging into what it means to have a Godly vision for your life and then, how to go from having the vision to achieving victory in pursuit of the vision.  Using God's Word, he delineates a path to help you get from vision to victory:  Remind yourself of the vision, repeat the vision out loud, realize there will be pain and challenge before the vision manifests, rebuke anything and any thought that tries to obstruct the vision, and rely on God's Word.  Do you have a vision for your life? Use this powerful message to help you take that vision and get to victory!

How Do I Get from A to Z, When I Cannot See?

In a concluding message in a series regarding vision, Apostle-Pastor Bernie Dorsey helps the hearer of God's Word to understand how to accomplish a goal, even when you cannot see your way forward.  He asserts that when the pathway is hard to see, we should follow the light of Jesus, rely on fellow believers in Jesus, focus on Jesus' wisdom, and accept that fretting will not help, but faith will.  Be encouraged on your journey to your goal--even if you cannot see the entire path!