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The Wilderness:  From Glory to Glory

"Sukkot" Sunday October 4, 2020

In a continuation of "The Way of the Wilderness" Pastor Bernie Dorsey reemphasizes that the wilderness is a place where God takes His people from glory to glory.  In essence, he posits that the wilderness is a place where God provides, protects, and gives His people power over the enemies that try to destroy them.  Pastor Dorsey sees the cross of Jesus glowing from the text of Exodus 17 and he preaches the power of the cross!  Be encouraged as you rely on the provision, protection, and power of God that emanates from the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross!

The Way of the Wilderness

September 27, 2020

In this powerful, encouraging prophetic message taken from Exodus 15:22--16:15, Pastor Bernie Dorsey posits that even though the wilderness is a place where God Himself takes us and tests our thoughts, tongues, and our very trust in Him, it is also a place where your tomorrow is filled with the hope of the glory of God!  Are you in a wilderness experience?  Feeling tired, weak, thirsty, directionless, lonely, sad?  Does it seem like there's no hope?  Receive this timely word and hope for God's glory to appear in your wilderness!

The Corner and the Kingdom

August 16, 2020

In this message, Pastor Dorsey dissects and applies Acts 26 where Paul recounted his dramatic conversion story of a supernatural encounter with the risen Jesus.  Paul indicates he was "not disobedient to the heavenly vision." Here, Pastor Dorsey compares the aftermath of the heavenly vision with the supernatural experiences of Abram in Genesis 12 and 15, and Peter's vision in Acts 10.  The spiritual truths that emerge reveal much about the process one undergoes after receiving divine vision for his or her life.  Pastor Dorsey then applies these truths to the new season in which Historic St. Paul Church now exists, concluding that the vision for the church is one where the assembly of believers is to display the love of God to all people and demonstrate the power of God over all things.  Catch the vision and enjoy this powerful word!

"7 Miles"

In this heartfelt message, Craig Bass takes the hearer of God's Word on a journey back to the Road to Emmaus.  Find encouragement as you travel on your own "7 Miles."  Wherever you are on your journey, this Word will touch your heart and encourage your soul!

Anointed But Not Yet Appointed

In this enlightening and encouraging message, Minister Isaac Joemah applies truth gleaned from Scripture regarding the life of King David.  Min. Joemah encourages those who have an anointing or calling upon their life to be patient as God works out the process of anointing to appointing.  Be blessed and edified as you hear this awesome word!

Fasting In This New Season

August 2, 2020

In this teaching, Pastor Dorsey focuses on the spiritual discipline of fasting.  Based on multiple Scriptures related to fasting, he posits that fasting helps reveal one's purpose and God's plans, assists in preparing for purpose, provides a way to overcome the enemy's attempts to frustrate purpose, and ultimately aids in fulfilling God's purpose and plans for your life and the corporate Body of Christ.


Online Worship Service

July 19, 2020

     In this powerful message Rev. Dorsey asserts that the current suffering, instability, and strife in America, especially the coronavirus and racial tensions, reveal a serious spiritual battle against demonic forces.  Analyzing these challenges from the perspective of Scripture results in a conclusion that believers in Jesus Christ need to forego spectator roles and instead participate in this "wrestling match."  Rev. Dorsey exhorts the believer to participate by prayer, proclaiming the promises of God, and engaging in prophetic utterance to bring about the will of God during these troubling times.   Rev. Dorsey echoes the words of the songwriter who wrote:  "Must Jesus bear the cross alone and all the world go free? No, there's a cross for everyone and there's a cross for me!"  Enjoy this powerful prophetic message and be motivated to join the battle.  It's time!

Sunday 8-9-20 Online Sermon

"The Promise of Greater Works (Part 2)"


 In the second installment of this series, "The Promise of Greater Works," Evangelist Melissa Johnson applies a wealth of spiritual truth and wisdom found in Ephesians 1:3-23.  Intertwining the Scripture with ramifications from meta-cognitive practice, she challenges the Body of Christ to open mind and spirit to obtain proper vision for the church, its role and mission.  Christ is the Head of the Church and the vision must flow from that perspective.  Be blessed by this powerful and mind-opening message!

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Sunday 7-26-20 Online Sermon

"The Promise of Greater Works (Part 1)"


 In Part 1 of this developing series, "The Promise of Greater Works," Evangelist Melissa Johnson applies Scripture from John 14 and Acts 4 to posit that the first step for the church to take in performing the "greater works" that Jesus promised is to engage in prayer.  Noting that the apostles in Acts were on one accord in prayer on that great day of Pentecost when Holy Spirit descended upon them and that they prayed prior to the performance of signs, miracles, and wonders, is striking evidence of the need for and power of prayer.  In this season when Holy Spirit is preparing His church and the world for an outpouring of His Spirit and the demonstration of His power, He is reminding the body of Christ to pray.  Be blessed by the first part of this powerful series.  And remember, PRAY!

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"I Thought That Giant Was Dead" (Excerpt)

Online Worship Service

June 7, 2020

     In this powerful message delivered during the aftermath of the tragic killing of George Floyd, an unarmed African American man, by a Minneapolis, Minnesota police officer, Apostle Dorsey asserts that despite progress in America, the lie of white supremacy has persisted.  He preaches that the presence of this false notion is rooted in spiritual wickedness.  Apostle Dorsey challenges the church to stand and speak against the demonic force at the heart of racial strife in the United States.  He also prophesies that "until the idol of white supremacy is torn down in the church, we cannot expect it to happen in society."  Nevertheless, there is still hope that the vestiges of slavery and racism can be destroyed because of the finished work of Jesus on the cross!  Quoting a well-known hymn, Apostle Dorsey concludes that "our hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus' blood and righteousness."  Be blessed as you hear this timely Word!

Shavuot/Pentecost Sunday Message (5-31-20):

"Do You Know What Time It Is?" (Apostle Dorsey) 

During the online worship service on Pentecost Sunday, Apostle Dorsey preaches from various Scripture, including Exodus 19, Leviticus 23 and Acts 2.  In this powerful message Apostle Dorsey poses the question:  "Do you know what time it is?"  He exegetes the Scripture to declare that in this season God is moving people from their time to God's clock.  Observing the symbolic prophetic coinciding of 2020 with the Hebrew calendar year 5780, Apostle Dorsey prophesies that the church must evaluate the season and current circumstances from God's perspective.  He declares prophetically that Holy Spirit is speaking to the church to stop sitting, but to stand and then to speak as a witness to the world of the wonderful works of God.  Apostle Dorsey further prophesies that the church is moving into God's season of increased prophetic anointing, witnessing of signs, miracles, and wonders, and exponentially effective evangelism.  So don't be discouraged--understand God's time and be ready for this new season of the movement of Holy Spirit throughout the earth!.  (click here to view and listen or on the above title or picture associated with this block).

Sunday 5-24-20 Online Sermon

"Lay It Down"


 In this powerful message, Evangelist Melissa Johnson challenges believers to be better, even if it means undergoing suffering.  She encourages the hearers of this Word to lay aside "every weight" [Hebrews 12:1], including those secret internal weights.   Consider this thought:  "Offense is not given, it is taken."  Are you quick to take offense when someone mistreats or misspeaks to you?  Are you tempted to avenge a wrongdoing?  Does unforgiveness or anger grip you?  If you are ready to go deeper in your walk with Jesus Christ, then be a hearer and doer of this awesome Word!

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Apostle Bernie Dorsey provides encouragement and hope during the coronavirus pandemic.  The two messages to the right include his Spirit-led recommendation on how to use God's Word to protect yourself, your family, and your dwelling by speaking the promises of Psalm 91; and he offers prophetic insight and direction on how to understand from God's perspective the worldwide situation as well as the practical spiritual tools to help bring a swifter resolution to the pandemic than initially thought possible.  

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In view of the coronavirus pandemic that has impacted the entire world, three of our church's servants have prepared brief, 10-15 minute messages to help bring peace, comfort, and encouragement during a difficult time.  Please click on the names to hear these Men and Woman of God speak to us and provide much needed hope!